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Moving Day Etiquette

It has finally arrived – the day you move out of the old place and into your next home! Fortunately, people don’t move every day so you don’t have to think about moving day etiquette very often – unless you are a professional mover. But there really are some things to consider when your moving day is happening ‘today.’


Tips To Reduce Waste When You Move

One of the things you’ll notice after all those boxes have been emptied and the stuff is put into your new home’s storage space is all those boxes sitting there empty. Along with the boxes, there’s all that filler used to keep things from breaking. It’s a big, big pile of waste, and it doesn’t have to be there.

Professional Saint Paul moving companies often will have boxes designed specifically for various types of household goods. Other options, like sturdy crates to fill and empty on moving day may also be available.


Getting Involved In Your New Community After Your Move

It can sometimes be intimidating to move because you are joining a new group of people who are unfamiliar to you. Some things may be the same, and others are a mystery – one woman observed that moving from an urban area to a rural community meant you no longer ignored a car’s honking and were supposed to wave at a neighbor when they drove by.


Avoiding Injury During Your Move

A move is an exciting time, full of changes. But some of those changes involve using your body to do things you don’t ordinarily do, like lifting heavy boxes, carrying rolls of carpet or large area rugs or negotiating a box spring around corners. It is all too easy to end up in a new home with a new injury, unless precautions are taken.


Tips for Transitioning Your Pet to a New Home

It’s very exciting for some of us to be able to move into a new home. For most pets, that adventurous feeling of new beginnings is stressful instead of exhilarating. This requires the pet owner to take some extra steps when relocating.


Your Move Is Suddenly Postponed – Now What?

Sometimes a move must be postponed. The next step you take really depends on why the move date had to change. For instance, in areas like Maple Grove or Plymouth, that postponement could easily be caused by a sudden spring snowstorm.


5 Tips For Moving From A House To A High-Rise Building

Moving to one of the popular high-rise apartment or condo buildings in Minneapolis, Saint Paul, Maple Grove, Plymouth or other cities is not quite the same as moving to another single-family dwelling. Here are 5 of the most important tips to remember about this process so that the move is as stress-free as possible:


What Makes People Decide To Move?

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, from 1999 to 2013 most people decide to move because of housing. When looking at the numbers, 48% of the people who moved gave housing-related reasons for relocating – that’s 17.2 million people moving because they wanted a new or better home or apartment. About 30% of the respondents decided to move for family reasons, and about 19% moved for job-related reasons.


Avoiding a Bad First House Move Experience

Someday the stories of that disastrous first house move experience will be funny to tell friends and family. The day those bad memories become a hilarious anecdote may be far off, though, and it really is better to avoid those misadventures altogether.


Keeping In Touch After Your Move

Relocating away from friends and family in Plymouth, Maple Grove or any other neighborhood may be one of the hardest parts about moving. You’ll have to say goodbye, but you don’t need to end your relationships because you’ve moved to a new community.

You’ll make new friends after you move, but those new relationships don’t have to replace the old ones. It might be a struggle, but make an effort to maintain and stay in contact with friends from your old neighborhood.

Prepare Your Loved Ones Before You Move

Managing long-distance relationships begins before your move. Let your friends and family know that you will miss them and want to stay in touch. If you have it, give them your contact information before you leave. That includes:

  • Cell phone number
  • Landline phone number
  • Skype address
  • Social media profile names and addresses
  • Mailing address

With today’s technology, staying connected is easier than ever before. If you give your friends and family multiple ways to contact you – you’re more likely to stay in touch after you have moved.

Re-Connect As Soon As Possible After You Move

After you have moved, unpacked, and organized your new home, start making contact with those old friends. Let them know you have successfully landed and give them a sense of your new surroundings. If possible, try to make contact on video through one of the multiple video chat services

  • Skype
  • Google+ Hangouts
  • Facebook Chat
  • Cell Phone Connectivity (e.g. FaceTime)

Family of three using laptop video call camera

Another option to stay in touch with old friends is to start a blog. You can write about life in your new home and share your blog address with your friends and family in the old neighborhood.

And don’t forget to send birthday and holiday cards. You can call or Skype your friends and relatives. It’s the next best thing to actually being there in person.

After you have been away from your old neighborhood for a while – go back and visit. Plan a reunion with your old friends and neighbors. Let them know when you’ll be back in town and invite them to join you for a celebration. Catching up on each other’s lives is one of the best ways to stay connected after a move.