One of the things you’ll notice after all those boxes have been emptied and the stuff is put into your new home’s storage space is all those boxes sitting there empty. Along with the boxes, there’s all that filler used to keep things from breaking. It’s a big, big pile of waste, and it doesn’t have to be there.

Professional Saint Paul moving companies often will have boxes designed specifically for various types of household goods. Other options, like sturdy crates to fill and empty on moving day may also be available.

Get Ready For the Move

  • One of the most common realizations we have when it’s time to pack stuff is the fact that you don’t have to take it all with you. This is a great time to declutter and donate those dishes you never use.
  • Designate a room as the holding area and start packing as soon as you know you will be moving. This makes it easier to get it all done.
  • Go to local businesses and see if they have sturdy boxes you could recycle as packing containers. Liquor stores have great cartons for books because the box is strong enough to hold full wine bottles and small enough to be easy to handle when it’s full of books.
  • As you come across hazardous materials like spray paint, dispose of it appropriately according to your local government’s instructions.
  • You can use newspapers to pad dishes, but you can also use those cloth napkins and dishtowels. Place-mats are good, too. This is double duty packing because the linen is being packed with the dishes and knick-knacks.
  • Pack clothing in your suitcase and duffel bags. If the move is local, like going from Plymouth to Maple Grove, you might even just pull the drawers out of the dresser and carry them to the new house.
  • If you use packing peanuts or bubble wrap – select a product that is either biodegradable or recyclable to help reduce waste.
  • Your mover will have their reusable pads to help with the larger items.

After The Move

  • Recycle the packing material and give the boxes to someone who needs to pack for their own moving day.
  • Return the moving boxes to your Minneapolis residential movers.


With a little pre-planning, it is surprising how much you can reduce the amount of waste from your move and keep it out of our landfills.