Someday the stories of that disastrous first house move experience will be funny to tell friends and family. The day those bad memories become a hilarious anecdote may be far off, though, and it really is better to avoid those misadventures altogether.

Paperwork to Have in Place

All the utilities that will service your new home should be ordered and in place. This prevents the scenario where there’s no hot water for cleaning up after hauling all those boxes. It also makes sure there is water, electricity, gas, oil, or whatever is required for living there.

Winter weather in Minnesota can be variable. Having heat in your new home keeps pipes from freezing and makes a move much easier.

Bank accounts should be accessible for the unexpected fees or deposits. It’s also a good idea to make sure your new bank is releasing the transferred funds because a hold on your account can snowball into bounced check fees.

Plan for the First Few Nights

Professional movers in Plymouth and Maple Grove, MN can help you pack or just come in to take the boxes you have packed for the move. Either way, labels are essential. Mark every box clearly with where it goes and nobody has to ask before taking it to the right location.

It’s not a bad idea to have a dedicated set of ‘First Night’ boxes with bedding, dishes and silverware, toilet paper, cleaning supplies, garbage bags, can opener, and a few pots. Think through what was used the last few days and those things will probably end up in a First Night box.

Set up the bed and make it so there is a place to sleep. Do this first, because after moving everything else – that bed will be a welcome sight. Chargers for electronics, medications and toiletries — if you need it for a short trip you need it in your First Night box.

Clearly mark this box. Carry it in the house first and put it on the bed so you can take the bedding out and make the bed. The box stays on the bed and nothing else is allowed on it so that you know where your essentials are, and you can lie down for your first night in your new home.

Potential Pitfalls

Think through what you eat, how you prepare to eat it, and make sure you have what you need. Nobody wants to try to make a peanut butter sandwich with their fingers because the knives are somewhere else (although that makes for a good story later).

If a winter move is being planned, make sure walks and parking places are cleared so movers can safely bring your possessions into your new home.