According to the U.S. Census Bureau, from 1999 to 2013 most people decide to move because of housing. When looking at the numbers, 48% of the people who moved gave housing-related reasons for relocating – that’s 17.2 million people moving because they wanted a new or better home or apartment. About 30% of the respondents decided to move for family reasons, and about 19% moved for job-related reasons.

Interestingly, people tend to move inside the county for housing-related reasons. This means they like the area and just want to change their dwelling. Professional Saint Paul moving companies certainly see this trend. People like to live in the Minneapolis area. Those moving in from out-of-state are usually are coming for job reasons.

What Should Be Considered In A Move?

There are factors that you should think through before committing to the “perfect” house or apartment. It may very well be perfect, but only if it meets all the criteria:

  • Is the location one you prefer? Why? Some people want sidewalks, some want country roads. Some want public transportation, some want parking space.
  • Are there good schools nearby if children live in your household?
  • What are the secondary expenses, like taxes, utilities, and other fees? If there are no laundry facilities, for instance, how will the clothes get clean?
  • Is the noise level acceptable for your tastes? Some people want neighbors who don’t mind loud music while some want to hear the birds sing.
  • Do you want to be able to walk to the store? Will you still want to at night?
  • Who will remove the snow from sidewalks and other outside chores?

The more questions like these that can be listed and answered, the better prepared you are to find that perfect housing situation.

It’s very possible that after compiling your list, you realize that some things are more important to you. That’s good, because you might not be able to find a new home with every one of the characteristics you want. Having an idea of what can be taken off the list gives you the flexibility to find the place that has your prioritized characteristics. When you do, Minneapolis residential movers can help get you into that perfect home.