It has finally arrived – the day you move out of the old place and into your next home! Fortunately, people don’t move every day so you don’t have to think about moving day etiquette very often – unless you are a professional mover. But there really are some things to consider when your moving day is happening ‘today.’

Be Considerate of Neighbors Old & New

Hopefully, you have scheduled your move when most of the neighbors will be at work. For most people this will be after 8 am on a weekday but be considerate and let them know what your load and delivery dates are – that way you avoid blocking their driveway and sidewalks when they need to get somewhere.

Moving takes time, both to load up the truck and unload it again. Minneapolis residential moving companies know how to do this efficiently, but it still may take a while. Be aware of blocking parking spaces and elevators in high rises. Remember to check with the city for parking permits and property managers to reserve elevators.

Professional movers know how to protect property while doing their job. But if you have friends helping to move some of your items, ask them to be mindful of your neighbor’s property and to stay on the sidewalk.

Be Considerate of Your Movers

Children and pets are wonderful, but not on moving day when they can be hurt badly by someone who can’t see around the chair they are carrying. Arrange for these small, valuable members of the family to be cared for somewhere else so the movers can do their job.

Providing a cooler of water and soda is a nice way to thank your movers. Many Minneapolis movers are also very grateful to get coffee on moving day. If you add cookies or other treats – that’s even better. Be sure to have a garbage sack available for the trash.

Wondering whether to tip your movers? When booking your move, ask your moving company if your movers can accept tips.

Be Considerate of the Next People

Whoever moves into your old place will appreciate a clean beginning. It will also help you get your deposit back – so plan on cleaning after everything is moved out. It’s will be easy to do since there is nothing to clean around – just be sure to keep some cleaning supplies behind to get the job done. If whoever moved out of your new place gave you the same courtesy, you’ll be able to start fresh and start unpacking right away.