A move is an exciting time, full of changes. But some of those changes involve using your body to do things you don’t ordinarily do, like lifting heavy boxes, carrying rolls of carpet or large area rugs or negotiating a box spring around corners. It is all too easy to end up in a new home with a new injury, unless precautions are taken.

Advice From The Pros

Minneapolis residential moving companies train their movers to lift and carry unwieldy loads safely. Here are a few tips from the pros:

  • Clear the way so there are no tripping hazards
  • Stretch before and after the move
  • Lift with your legs instead of your back
  • Bend at the knees to pick up items
  • Carry things close to your body
  • Wear ‘moving gloves’ designed to keep things from slipping out of your hands
  • Wear sturdy shoes that stay on your feet
  • Wear clothing that doesn’t snag on handles
  • Consider using a back support brace
  • Use equipment (like a dolly) to move heavy items
  • Get help to pick up large or awkward items even if they don’t weigh much
  • Don’t try to carry a huge pile of stuff to save trips
  • Don’t try to carry a damaged box — repair it first so it stays together
  • Don’t carry things on your head or shoulders
  • Don’t twist while you have heavy loads in your arms
  • Avoid moving hazardous materials that can explode or ignite if dropped
  • If you feel a painful twinge — stop and ask for help

Saint Paul Movers Are Prepared

One of the reasons a professional mover doesn’t get injured during a move is the fact that they are professional, trained, and equipped to do this type of work. Professional movers go through training to ensure they lift and carry heavy loads safely.

Professional Minneapolis residential moving companies are equipped for moving furniture and appliances. Everything from sturdy cartons that will not break apart to dollies that can lift and move a refrigerator are just some of the standard tools carried by the pros.

Even if you are using a professional moving company and decide to some boxes yourself, make sure that you use the proper techniques to avoid any injuries. Better yet – leave everything for the pros and remain injury free!