Moving to one of the popular high-rise apartment or condo buildings in Minneapolis, Saint Paul, Maple Grove, Plymouth or other cities is not quite the same as moving to another single-family dwelling. Here are 5 of the most important tips to remember about this process so that the move is as stress-free as possible:

1. Make sure you understand all that is involved in living at this location. Typical fees can include Homeowners’ Association dues or special assessments for a project that will benefit all the residents. There may be restrictions on pets, window treatments, or DIY projects. While you are at it, find out what this building’s rules are for moving in. Do you need to reserve a parking space for the truck? An elevator or freight elevator? What is the procedure for boxes after the move?

2. Hire a Twin Cities professional residential moving company. Movers will have special equipment and experience with the local high-rise procedures. Things like luggage carts allow fewer trips. Professional experience makes the process painless – ask whether they provide boxes.

3. Move less stuff by de-junking first. Most of the time a house has more in it than a typical high-rise dweller wants to deal with. This is the perfect time to clear out anything you don’t love or find useful. Have a yard sale, donate it to charity, or join Freecycle and give it a new home so you have room for your new life. If you can’t decide, pay attention to the next tip.

4. Plan where things will go with real measurements. There’s nothing like moving your huge comfy couch into the new place and realizing it doesn’t fit through the door. Get accurate floor plans of the new place, including elevations of windowsills, etc. and make accurate templates of your furniture to decide the initial placement. Realizing that you truly don’t have room for that huge comfy couch makes it easier to sell it.

5. Remember that moving into a high-rise building is a logistical challenge. If you plan to move when all your new neighbors are trying to get out of the building to go to work, there will be traffic jams in the elevators and hallway. That truck full of your worldly goods is hogging parking space, so it needs to be emptied quickly. Plan ahead by making arrangements beforehand and verify your reservations the day before the move.