It’s very exciting for some of us to be able to move into a new home. For most pets, that adventurous feeling of new beginnings is stressful instead of exhilarating. This requires the pet owner to take some extra steps when relocating.


From your pet’s point of view, there’s a lot of new activity going on. Strange boxes are appearing and their world is being packed away. If you have a dog or cat that already dislikes change, then you know you need to prepare them for this transition carefully. If the move is local, like a shift from Maple Grove to Plymouth, you could take your dog or cat over to the new place to explore. This helps acquaint your pet to new smells and sights so that the change is gradual. Unfortunately, that isn’t always possible.

This is not the time for new bedding and toys. Keep the old, familiar pet things in use and take them over to the new place with your pet so there will be continuity. This is a good time to assess the new home and yard for pet-proofing so needed changes can be in place. Also don’t forget to make plans to have your pet stay somewhere else on moving day.

Moving Day

Professional Saint Paul moving companies recommend that pets be in another location while the contents of the home are being packed and transported. This keeps the pet out of the way, prevents a panicked runaway while doors are open, and lessens the stress for everyone.

If you are unable to arrange off-site care for your pet, it really is best to crate them for the duration, taking them out for a walk while leashed. It’s safer for the pet and it lets you focus on getting everything done.

Settling In

Try to set up the room that your pet will sleep in and equip it with their old bed. This makes a familiar spot for that first night. Plan on spending time at the end of moving day with your pet and reassure them of your continued presence in their life.

Starting out in one room helps pets transition. It serves as a home base for explorations of the new home and is easier to monitor for signs of territorial marking or accidents.

Every pet needs the support and care their owner provides to adjust to a new place. Usually, the adjustment period is brief and everyone soon feels comfortably in their new home.