Moving is always going to be a little more work than expected because the process of packing up your possessions brings hidden things to light. But it doesn’t have to be as difficult as some people claim. Even a short move like changing your address from Orono to Wayzata, can be improved by planning ahead. Some of the tricks on this list may be obvious, others not so much, but they all will facilitate your move:

  • Go over to your new place before moving in and take pictures, particularly of any damage. This proves you did not do it if the landlord wants you to pay for it. While you are at it, clean the bathroom and kitchen and make sure there is enough toilet paper, soap, and towels for moving day. Maybe add some disposable dishes for feeding the movers and the number of the local pizza delivery guy.
  • Pack everything you will need to get ready for the day after moving in an overnight bag. This includes toiletries, change of clothing, night gear as well as electronics along with their chargers.
  • Pack everything you will need FIRST in a clear plastic box. This differentiates it from the cardboard boxes and lets anyone know where the box cutter, tools, trash bags, etc. are for instant access.
  • Use plastic wrap to temporarily cover loose items in drawers or to keep jewelry displays in one easily moved piece.
  • Take a picture of the way electronics are set up before disconnecting everything. As you disassemble components, put the little pieces in baggies, label them and tape it to the item.
  • If you need way to cover your clothing you can push your hangers together in groupings that can be tied at the top. Then slide a garbage bag up over the clothing and tie the handles of the bag around the hangers.
  • Pack everything before your movers show up. Label the boxes with the contents and color code them for the new rooms. You can also put the same color on the doorframe so movers will easily know where to stack the boxes.
  • If you have many valuable, fragile possessions, use a professional mover like RJ Moving who know how to handle them.

So whether the move is as short as from Minnetonka to Edina or as long-distance as moving to Minneapolis from out of state, think through the moving process and use some of these tricks to make moving a snap.