Moving is no easy task. However, technology can make it easier. If you are planning a move soon to Edina, Minnetonka, Orono, Wayzata or perhaps Minneapolis – here are some tips to help you take modern technology and employ it for a smoother relocation.

  • The Internet – Let’s start with some basic research. If you want to learn about the neighborhood you are moving to, there are some helpful websites. You can Google the zip code or neighborhood name and usually learn something about the local culture just from visiting local websites. You can also look at City-Data to find out demographic information, crime rates, and other information for local areas you are planning to move to.
  • YouTube – YouTube is a library of useful information. You’ll find videos that will provide you with free tips on packing, cleaning, and buying and selling a house. Virtually anything related to moving has a video associated with it.
  • Social Media – Let your friends know you are moving, and when. They can help you get everything unpacked and settled at your new place. Be careful not to give out addresses publicly, but you can ask your friends to help you. Facebook allows you to message select friends by putting them into a group together so your post isn’t public. You can also invite friends to a Google+ Hangout and deliver the news by video chat. On Twitter, you can request information about moving and use hashtags to obtain great resources on relocating.
  • Smartphone Apps – There are a ton of helpful smartphone apps you can download for free. For instance, there are several good checklist apps that allow you to work through a pre-recorded moving checklist so you don’t forget anything. You can also find apps for reminding you to set up utilities appointments and more.
  • Forums – Forums are a great way to find out about useful services such as trash hauling services and other services you might want to consider as you make your move. Just ask another forum participant. People are always friendly and willing to help.
  • GPS – Most smartphones these days come equipped with GPS. While moving, if you get lost or make a wrong turn on the way to your new home, GPS can put you back on track. And it can help you locate restaurants and services in your new location.

When you’re ready to move, be sure to use technology to your advantage. Check out RJ Moving for links to several accredited sites with reviews and information on professional movers.