Everybody gets homesick. Most people will compare the old to the new and feel a sense of loss about something even when they are excited about the new home.

Understanding that a sense of missing people and places is common can be helpful. Realizing that it is temporary helps even more. There are three main ways to deal with homesickness:

  1. Developing coping strategies
  2. Reaching out to others
  3. Connecting to your new home

Develop Helpful Strategies

Humans need connections. We crave love and the security of the familiar. Leaving the comfort of familiar surroundings means missing a known entity. Coping with the issues that arise start with realizing what is happening. Other strategies that can be helpful include:

  • Keeping a few familiar things around – like photos of family & friends
  • Doing some loved activities – like sports, faith practices or favorite ‘comfort’ foods
  • Keeping a journal working through the negative to understand your feelings
  • Getting plenty of exercise – preferably outdoors
  • Talking to old friends & family – but set limits and avoid obsessing about your old home

Reach Out To Others

Talking to old friends and family helps keep the connections to your old home alive, but reaching out to others helps you make connections in the new and get settled into your life today. It’s often helpful to write down what you miss. Writing helps clarify your thoughts and identify what you can look for in new friends, like a shared passion.

Get involved with clubs or organizations that can provide activities you miss. It takes courage to step out of your comfort zone and a common goal makes it easier. Doing things regularly will give consistent contact with people who will be good candidates for friendships. Invite your new friends over for a taste of your old home’s favorite foods or activities and share your love of your roots with the friends you have now.

Connect To Your New Home

One of the joys of a new home is the adventure of new things to discover. Where do the locals hang out? What do they like to eat, drink and do? Maybe you will find that you also will enjoy these things.

Taking some classes and developing a new interest gives you something to tell your friends and family about. As you find the good things in your new surroundings – that feeling of homesickness for the old turns will turn into happy memories.