Moving is one of the most stressful activities for many people, but it doesn’t have to be. You can stay relaxed if you set your mind to it. Here are some tips to help you stay relaxed during your next move.

  1. Before you start moving, create a timeline. This will keep you organized and help you to stay focused.
  2. Don’t do too much too quickly. Instead, have a plan and make your move incrementally. Don’t wait until the last minute to start moving. This is a sure way to stress yourself out. Rather, start packing several weeks before your move date and keep yourself organized. Work on one piece of the move at a time.
  3. Take inventory of what you own and get rid of anything you don’t need before you move. Have a yard sale, give stuff to a friend, donate it to a charity or throw it away if nobody needs it. Books can be donated to a library. Furniture can be given or sold cheaply, to a used furniture store, clothes can be dropped off at the Goodwill box. Reduce what you need to move and it will go more quickly and be less stressful.
  4. Have fun. Make moving a game. Or listen to your favorite music while packing. Whatever you can do to make it more enjoyable will lessen the stress and keep you relaxed.
  5. Ask people you know to help you. Get children to help by packing your boxes with you. You can turn it into a good a game for more fun. If you belong to a church, ask people at church to help. Get friends and family to join you by offering to provide pizza or ice cream after the move.
  6. Reduce the clutter. It’s a stressor.
  7. If you get in a crunch, don’t try to do it all on your own. Call a professional mover to take off the load.

Relocating doesn’t have to consist of blood, sweat, and tears. Slow down, stay relaxed, and reduce the stress by having a plan and hiring a professional mover to help. Then, get organized and work your plan diligently. By the end of your move, you’ll be ready to settle into your new home in Minneapolis, Edina, Minnetonka, Wayzata or other Twin Cities community and enjoy it too.