So you’ve recently gotten married and now it’s time to merge your households. There are many decisions you’ll have to make, not the least of which is who is moving in with whom? Or maybe you’ll opt to move into a new home. Either way you’ll need to combine your possessions.

Here are some tips to make moving in together more efficient and rewarding for both of you.

  1. Keep in mind that you are not the first couple to make this move. People have been getting married all through history, and for much of that history the newly wedded made significant changes to their living arrangements. If you need help, don’t be afraid to ask someone.
  2. Make a list of your joint belongings. The first thing on your to-do list should be to make a list of what you own together. After that, decide whose sofa you’re going to use and whose bedroom furniture you’ll keep. You may decide to buy new items for the living room or the bedroom. Maybe you’ll use one bedroom as a guest room. The time to make those decisions is before either of you move.
  3. Get to know your home and measure it. This includes knowing what material it’s made of. Are the walls Sheetrock or cinder-block and plaster, for instance? Measuring each room of the house is very important so that you know how much room you have for furniture.
  4. Make a layout. You’ll need a floor plan of each room that includes where you intend to place each piece of furniture you are going to keep. If you need to buy new furniture, then you’ll know what dimensions you need and any limitations posed by the structure you’ll be living in (don’t forget to measure the doorways and stairways for those larger pieces of furniture).
  5. Are you hiring a moving company? Many newly married couples find it easier and less stressful to hire a company to take care of the hard work. That way you can keep your focus on your new partner.
  6. Set some healthy boundaries. You’ll have a new roommate, and it’s likely that you won’t see eye to eye on everything. Many newly married couples are shocked to find that their partner in life has certain habits or surprising quirks. Don’t be afraid to discuss things, and set boundaries that are respectful of each others space and belongings.

This is an exciting time to celebrate your new life together. Remember to communicate and plan ahead so you can make your move without a hitch.