How many times have you moved and forgotten something important – it seems to happen to all of us at some point. Well next time around you can refer to this list as a reminder. Here are the top 10 most forgotten items by people planning a move:

  1. Phone Numbers – You never know who you’re going to need to call. Maybe you have a friend you loaned a power tool to and need it back to put your furniture together in your new home. Or maybe the electric isn’t on when you arrive. You might want to pack a phone directory in case you can’t access the Internet to look up those phone numbers you forgot.
  2. Your New Address – You know how long it takes to remember your new address. Days after moving in you’re still putting the old address as the return address on your outgoing mail. Write it down and keep it in a safe place so that you can find it after you’ve moved in.
  3. Important Documents – Medical records, dental records, vaccination information, vet records, military records, and more often get shuffled around and forgotten. If you are moving long distance, it will be easier to obtain these records from professionals before you move rather than try to do it through the mail.
  4. Bank Transfers – People often forget to change banks. The best time to do it is before you move. One of the worst things in the world is arriving in your new home and realizing you need emergency funds and your bank is clear across the country.
  5. Hidden Valuables – If you have hidden valuables around your old house, make sure you retrieve those before you leave.
  6. Rentals and Service Drops – Movers often forget about the dry cleaning they left or the dress they left at the tailor. Another often-forgotten item is the movie you rented or book you borrowed from the library. Take care of these details a week or two before you move so you don’t forget about them.
  7. Spare Keys – Gather up all the spare keys to your house, car, storage unit, safe deposit box, etc. before you move.
  8. Plants & Pets – Moving companies generally do not move pets or plants for you. Be sure to make travel plans for these important members of your family.
  9. Garage Door Opener – New residents of your old home will need this. Don’t forget to leave it behind.
  10. Cleaning Products – Don’t take your cleaning products with you. Leave them out so you can make one last walk-through of your house before you move and take care of any last minute cleaning necessities.

After you’ve set your move out date with a professional Minneapolis moving company – remember to add this list to your paperwork so you can refer back to it before leave. It will give you peace of mind to know you didn’t leave anything behind.