Living closer to the city offers a lot of amenities you don’t find in rural areas and suburbs. For instance, if you live downtown, you’ll have ready access to world class restaurants, museums, your pick of employers, and cultural activities. Plus, you have access to public transportation, and the urban amenities are within walking distance.

  • Parking is hard to come by – Many cities impose restrictions on parking in downtown and urban areas. If you don’t have an assigned parking space, you’ll end up paying for parking, and you may have to walk a distance from your parking space to your residence. Be sure to check in advance on the rules of parking in downtown areas.
  • When is the best time to move? – Moving to an urban area requires some coordination. Will you be moving to a loft or high rise apartment? If so, what is the normal traffic situation during the time you plan to move? Usually, early morning or weekend is the best time to plan a move to a downtown area.
  • Gain access to freight elevators – If you’ll be moving into a high rise building, you may need access to a freight elevator. Nothing will annoy your neighbors more than moving your living room and bedroom furniture using the passenger elevators. Coordinate with your building superintendent when you can use the building’s freight elevators so that you can make your move more efficiently without annoying or inconveniencing anyone else.
  • Moving security – One of the worst things to happen when moving into a new neighborhood is to learn that your moving truck has been pilfered or you’ve had items stolen while you were moving things in and out of your new home. Make sure you leave someone to watch your truck while you move in and out of your new building.
  • First impressions – As the saying goes, you only have one chance to make a good first impression. Don’t start off in your new home being the bad or annoying neighbor. Be courteous to the other residents of your building and give the right of way to pedestrians.

After the move, take some time to enjoy your first night in your new home. Order a pizza, have some drinks, and relax. Tomorrow you can unpack everything.