Once we have moved you into your new home, you may want to make a plan to meet your new neighbors.

One of the best ways to get to know your new neighborhood is by hosting a housewarming party. This does not need to be an intimidating process. Since you just moved in no one will expect an elaborate get-together – but you do need to make a plan.

Decide What Kind of Event You Want

An afternoon gathering in the backyard is an excellent way to let kids meet new friends and parents get to know each other. This can be as simple as pizza and disposable plates or a build-your-own sundae party. Remember to think about potential allergies and have some alternative treats if needed.

An adult evening gathering could include wine and cheese. Some people have a bring-your-own-wine-glass event and let the many styles become conversation starters.

Maybe you are more of a beer and pretzel host or perhaps you prefer a dessert and coffee time. These can also be a good way to have a lot of people over. Whatever you decide, speak to your new neighbors and drop off simple invitations in their mailboxes. Instead of RSVPs and set times – make it simple by inviting them to drop by for an open house for a few hours.

Prepare For Your Party

You probably cleaned before moving into your new house so it should be easy to rearrange furniture for easy conversations and tidy up a bit. Instead of preparing a lot of food – why not become more familiar with the businesses in your new neighborhood and buy what you will serve. That great bakery just down the street may give a new customer discount on cookies if you ask!

Figure out food and drink placement and how you will keep cold things cold. Keep cleanup easy with disposables or make sure you have enough dishes and a place to put the dirty ones until they can be washed. Fresh flowers in key areas are a wonderful way to welcome your new friends. Also remember to think through your guest’s experience and make room for their coats, shoes, etc.