Many times the thrill of moving into a new home may keep you from paying attention to all the details. We often assume certain safety features are present or don’t realize something might be an issue. Professional Minneapolis movers suggest using a home safety checklist and that you make sure specific safety issues are taken care of before you move in.

Suggested Items To Include On Your Safety Checklist:

  • Working smoke detectors in every room with a date of purchase and battery change
  • Working, dated carbon monoxide detectors (or combination units with smoke detectors) in common living areas and bedrooms
  • A fire extinguisher designed for kitchen fires
  • Working ventilation in kitchen and bath for air quality and mold reduction
  • Easy-to-find light switches at the top and bottom of all stairways
  • An accessible breaker box with wiring that is up to code
  • An accessible main shutoff valve for the water supply
  • No loose carpet or other tripping hazards, particularly around the steps
  • Staircases should have adequate hand rails and open split levels or balconies have bannisters that a child cannot get through
  • Doors that do not cause problems when opening, like blocking access to the stairs
  • New locks on all outside doors
  • Loose shingles and poorly installed rain gutters that can lead to leaks and mold damage
  • Loose siding that can come off and injure someone
  • Uneven walkways that can trip the unwary
  • Specific safety features needed for a new resident, like grab bars for the elderly in the bathroom, childproof cabinet latches, or anchoring furniture/televisions to the wall so they cannot fall on a climbing toddler
  • Emergency numbers for your new location

Every home will have slightly different safety concerns based on the needs of its residents. In colder climates, like Minneapolis, snow removal and heating concerns will be a part of the homeowner safety checklist. Homes with small children will have different hazards to add to the checklist than those where a resident uses a wheelchair or walker.

Residential moving companies or your real estate agent in Minneapolis & Saint Paul or surrounding cities may suggest further additions to the list and be able to provide referrals for local services like landscaping to clean up hazardous tree branches or home security system companies. The challenge is to consider which items are essential for the safety of those living in your new home and making those items a priority.

Knowing you have figured out what needs to be done and crossing it off your safety checklist means you can relax and enjoy your new home.