There are lots of reasons why households are merged and consolidated. Sometimes economic reality forces a sharing of expenses, other times a relationship has progressed to a sharing and commitment. There can be children, pets, and a lifetime’s accumulation on both sides.

Saint Paul moving companies have seen many types of household combinations, and the process can be rough if not planned for. Here are some of the best tips for preparing your new home together so that it will be comfortable for everyone:

  • Keep the end goal in mind. Roommates who will be moving out in a year or two may want to see if the moving company can put their heirloom furniture in storage until they are move to a bigger place. Committed relationships should recognize that the heirlooms are part of the package.
  • Everybody living in the new household needs a space for the belongings they cherish, even if others aren’t as impressed with their value. Start talking about what is important to have in the new household before the move.
  • Plan to have public spaces reflect everyone’s taste. Many people put up a gallery wall of art from all households, for instance. Be flexible and change things gradually until everyone likes the result.
  • Declutter and de-duplicate. There is no benefit in moving what you won’t use. Keep the best toaster and give the other one to someone who needs it.
  • Measure and plan where furniture will go. If the nicest couch won’t fit up the stairs, the smaller one makes more sense to keep.
  • Discuss housekeeping expectations. It’s a shock to find out that not everyone does things the way you do – but that is part of living in the same space. The old joke about the slob and the neatnik comes from real life and both have to change in order to find the balance.
  • Keep kids in the planning discussions within their ability. This is particularly important with kids because they don’t have the emotional tools to “be an adult” about major changes. Even small children can put what they want to bring in their own box. Having some choice makes the transition easier for them.
  • Plan for the leftovers. Donate food, have a yard sale, etc. but have a deadline for getting it off the list of things to do.
  • Utilize your residential moving company’s services. If both parties are fairly local, you may be able to consolidate the move itself by picking up one load in Saint Paul, for instance, the second load in Minneapolis, then taking both to your new home in Minnetonka or another Twin Cities location.