You finally have all the boxes and furniture in your new home. Congratulations! Now, what do you do?


Most Saint Paul residential moving companies suggest there are certain priorities, things that should be done first. Here is the list:

  • Anything that didn’t get done in your paperwork beforehand that will affect things now, like change of address or changing locks.
  • Unpack and make everybody’s bed – but let the boxes sit in the room
  • Get the kitchen functional – but don’t worry about putting it all in place
  • Make the bathroom usable – but it’s okay if the decorating isn’t done
  • Children and pets need a safe room where they can relax


Professional movers will put things where you tell them to and assemble furniture they dismantled. However, you have to do the details of making your new nest comfortable. The priorities list will give you breathing space, time to adjust to the new place and find homes for all your belongings.

This process is easier when you have a plan. Hopefully, the boxes that belong in each room are clearly labeled and in that room or a holding space that will eventually be emptied. If everyone pitches in to set up the common areas, everything but the individual bedrooms will be done quickly.

  • Let the techie set up the electronics. Computers, televisions, music systems, etc. need to be where the outlets are. Once the electronics are in place, it’s much easier to figure out where everything else will go.
  • Let the cooks set up the kitchen. This is a workspace, so the people who work in it should get to decide where things go.
  • Try to get comfort and beauty in every room. Nothing makes it more homelike than beloved objects and comfortable surroundings.
  • Recognize that different people have different levels of comfort. Find the compromise and let the stacker have a space where the neatnik doesn’t have to look at it. Make the public areas stress-free by getting them in order.

Get Acquainted

Take breaks from the unpacking process and walk around the neighborhood. This helps you get to know your new area and can even provide a chance to meet your new neighbors. Be friendly and let them know who you are. Ask them where the best grocery store is or where to find good coffee shop. These breaks will actually help you settle in – because you get to know your new home and you come back to unpacking with fresh energy.