Even if you live in the best and safest neighborhood, it’s wise to equip your home with a security system because you never know when your home could be targeted for a burglary. It’s better to be safe than sorry. But what constitutes an effective security system for your home?

The Various Parts of an Effective Home Security System

First, you need a smoke detector in case your home falls victim to a fire and you are home. A glass break detector is also a good thing because if your home is targeted for a break-in, you’ll want to know it as soon as possible. Panic buttons ensure that you can sound the alarm at the push of a button and know that help is on its way. Pressure mats are sneaky; you place them under your rugs and when an intruder steps on them they activate your alarm system. A closed-circuit TV system will monitor your home in real-time video footage. Alarm screens are mesh window coverings that sound off an alarm if cut or removed.

Home security alarm monitor

How to Select the Right Security System

Your best bet for choosing the right home security system is to start local. A local security company will understand the neighborhoods in your area best.

Your first step is to contact several companies to get quotes. Ask each one if they are members of a federal or state burglar and fire alarm association such as ALARM. Also, ask if they are licensed through the Minnesota Electronic Security and Technology Association.

The Better Business Bureau should have information on each security company that offers you a quote. Find out if they have any complaints and, if so, how they responded to them.

Choose 3 or 4 companies and arrange to have a representative of each company visit your Minneapolis home to survey your security needs. Get all quotes and the results of your home inspection in writing. Be sure to ask the representative of each security company for references – and be sure to check them.

Read the fine print on all of your contracts. Make sure you understand all the provisions of the contract before you sign it. Don’t make a decision on price alone.