At the end of last year, posted an article on some of the trends from 2014 and what they expect to be the moving trends in 2015. Among the list of trends include:

  • Tight mover availability in the spring and summer – Last year, there was a moving truck driver shortage. That caused a bottleneck in mover availability for a lot of consumers trying to book a moving company. The same thing will likely happen this year. Minneapolis-St. Paul moving companies are going to be busy, so if you know you are moving this spring or summer, then it will be to your advantage to book your moving company as soon as you know your moving dates.
  • Major metro areas are hot moving locations – You can be sure that many people within the Minneapolis-Saint Paul area will plan moves in 2015. That makes it even more important to book your Minneapolis move soon.
  • Smaller cities will be hot for interstate moves – People moving from state to state are choosing smaller cities and towns. That could mean smaller Minnesota cities like Bloomington, Brooklyn Park, and Eagan could see some urbanization and some attention from moving companies relocating consumers to those areas.
  • Square footage will remain flat – In 2014, people upsized. This year, movers will stay within their range of real estate size.
  • Keep an eye out for moving scams – The last couple of years have seen an increase in illegitimate moving companies scamming unsuspecting consumers. These scams will still be a threat in 2015 – however, there are organizations working hard to educate consumers on these scams so they won’t be taken. Be smart and hire a reputable fully licensed, insured and bonded mover.

Happy couple with delivery men unloading moving boxes from truck trends for 2015 are based in part of what happened in the moving industry last year. Home sales went up, and they are expected to go up again this year. Interstate moves made for about 20% of all moves. This trend will likely continue, as well.

If you see a move this year for your family or business, why not start planning now. Book your professional Minneapolis-St. Paul moving company to secure your moving date.