If you are planning to move, there are some common moving mistakes that you should be aware of and make an effort to avoid. If you fail to avoid these mistakes, it could cost you a lot more to make your move than you intended.

  1. Don’t wing it. This is one of the biggest mistakes DIY movers make. Instead of planning the move step by step, they just show up on moving day and try to make it work. Everything you think can go wrong will, and more. So make a plan and work your plan.
  2. Failing to consider rush hour traffic. You’ve made some great plans. You know the distance, the cost, and the weight of your moving freight. But you forgot about rush hour traffic. That will lengthen the time it takes you to move, which will add to the costs.
  3. No estimate. You are decisive and have chosen your moving company. Good for you. But did you get an estimate. No wonder it costs you more than thought it would.
  4. You didn’t ask about insurance. Never move without insurance. Something will surely get broke. Better to be safe than sorry.
  5. Pets. You can’t just leave your pets behind, but many pet owners get so wrapped up in moving their material goods and their families that they forget all about their pets. How will Rover get from your old home to your new home?
    Moving Box Dog
  6. Plants have special needs. That ficus in the corner needs to be watered and handled with care.
  7. Overnight box. It inevitably happens that movers get into their new homes and discover that everything they need for the first night is packed away. Where are the towels, the dishes, the cleaning supplies, the tools? Pack a first night box so you’ll have everything you need on your first night in your new home.
  8. Taking inventory. Many movers don’t take inventory of the items they are moving. How will you know if everything made it to your new home?

These are the most common mistakes people make, but with a little planning and foresight, you can avoid them.