When you move into a new home and haven’t unpacked everything from your old home, you might feel a bit discombobulated. After all, everything you need is packed. But it doesn’t have to be. Before you move out of the old home, think ahead and pack everything you’ll need right away at the new home into one box, then label it so you can find it easily.

So what items are those, exactly?

New Home Move-In Box

Here are the essential items to pack in your ‘New Home Move-In’ box:

  1. Broom, mop, and dust pan – Okay, maybe you shouldn’t pack them in a box, but you should make sure they’re accessible. The first thing you should do before moving in is sweep and mop. If you have carpet, make sure your vacuum cleaner is accessible.
  2. Kitchen items – It will take you a couple of days, at least, before you get everything unpacked and in its place. Make sure you have all the kitchen items you need for your first couple of meals: Plates, silverware, bowls and glasses, and items you need for cooking. Don’t forget can and bottle openers.
  3. Toiletries – This includes toilet paper, bar soap, toothbrushes and tooth paste, wash cloths and towels, and shampoo.
  4. Tools – You’ll need a screwdriver and a pair of pliers at a minimum. Check your plumbing, door frames, and anything else that might typically need routine maintenance. Also, have a hammer at the ready in case you need it. The furniture you took apart at your old house will need to be reassembled.
  5. Duct tape – You know you’re going to need it.
  6. Phone numbers – You’ll need essential phone numbers for the electrical company, water company, and other services just in case they haven’t hooked you up yet. You did call them before moving out of your old home, didn’t you?
  7. A change of clothes – Nothing is worse than arriving in your new home and not having a change of clothes in case you get caught in the rain or something goes amiss during the move.
  8. Bedding or sleeping bags – If possible, make making your bed one of your first tasks when you arrive. Chances are you’ll be exhausted from your move and you’ll want somewhere to lay your head at the end of a long day when you’re too tired to do anything else.

Make sure you pack everything you’re going to need on your first evening in your new place in a box that is labeled and easy to find. It will help to ease some of the stress the first day in your new home.