While many articles claim that moving is one of the top 10 most stressful life events you can experience, surprisingly there are no official studies that support that. Widely accepted as the standard in evaluating life events that contribute to illness, the Holmes and Rahe scale doesn’t even include moving on their list of the top 43 most stressful events.

Make Your Move Less Stressful

So – moving must not be that stressful – right? Try telling that to someone who is getting ready to move their home, and you might hear a different story!

As expert residential movers in Minnesota, we talk with people often who are anywhere from mildly nervous to extremely worried about moving and all it entails. Working with RJ Moving, our clients receive lots of advice and tips on how to take the stress out of their move.

Here are our top 3 tips for making your next move less stressful:

1.  Plan Ahead

One of the best things you can do is to plan ahead for your upcoming move, and give yourself plenty of time to handle all the details – including packing, determining where your belongings will go in your new home, and properly labeling all of your boxes so your movers will know where to place your items when they get there.  Check out our residential moving timeline for tips on when to get started and what to consider in your moving timeline.

2.  Do Your Research

You’ll have many choices when it comes to picking a moving company to handle your move. Make sure to research the moving companies you are considering thoroughly:

  • Call the company and ask them if they offer a free quote for your move.
  • Find out what services they offer – for instance, some companies will help you pack your belongings and help you plan your move.
  • Make sure you are comparing apples-to-apples when you review the quotes you receive.
  • Check online for reviews about the company you choose to make sure others vouch for them as well.

3.  Downsize and De-clutter Before You Move
While it may be tempting to bring everything with you – just in case you need it – it is far more efficient to plan very carefully which items you’ll want to utilize in your new home. De-cluttering and downsizing before you move will keep your moving costs down, and make your overall move more efficient, easier – and less stressful for you in the long run.