When you have a family that includes a kid or two (or three… or four… or even more!), moving can become an even more complicated process than what it usually is. It is definitely in your best interest to hire a professional moving company for your St Paul move! We here at RJ Moving have a few suggestions on how to make moving day easier on your kids, on yourself and on your professional moving company!

First of all, getting the kids as involved in the moving process as much as possible is a great way to make sure they are excited about moving and not overly scared. Some fear is normal, but you want your kids to feel positive about the moving experience. So get their help de-cluttering your home before your professional moving company arrives. Kids can also help pack items that aren’t too fragile, like linens, clothing and books. Also, make sure they get a chance to see your new home if that’s possible. The more they know, the more prepared everyone will feel.

On the day the professional moving company arrives, make sure your kids have plenty to do so they don’t get in the way. For example, ask the kids to stay in a room that’s already been cleared out of everything except a table and some chairs. Set up a craft project or set out some coloring books so your kids stay occupied while your professional moving company is doing its work. Or keep a TV and DVD player set up and have a movie day. Keeping the kids occupied and distracted will make the day go a lot more smoothly for everyone involved.

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