Lots of moving blogs focus on the days leading up to a move and then moving day itself. Today, RJ Moving, residential movers in Plymouth, want to give you a few tips on what to do after your residential movers leave and you are fully moved into your new home. As one of the best residential movers in the area, we feel like we’ve learned a thing or two and would love to share our knowledge with you!

One of the first things you should do is hang up some curtains. This applies especially in areas where privacy is a must, like in bedrooms and in bathrooms (if there are any windows in the bathrooms).

The next thing you should do is remember to feed yourself and your family! Even if you just order in some pizza after your residential movers leave, making sure everyone is well-fed and hydrated is a must.

Then, it’s time to unpack your bedding and your pajamas. It was probably a very busy moving day – from the moment your residential movers arrived until they departed, we’re pretty sure you and your family were going non-stop. Taking the time to make your bed and change into comfy clothes can help everyone relax and start to settle into your new home. If you have one, put up a shower curtain so everyone can take a bath. That definitely helps with relaxation!

Finally, if you’re feeling up to it, hook up your DVD player and watch a movie or two. This is another way to unwind, bond together as a family, and start getting used to your new home. Don’t worry about unpacking right away! That will happen eventually, as will cleaning. The main thing you should focus on after your residential movers leave is unpacking some basic stuff, ensuring your family’s privacy, making sure everyone had enough to eat and drink, and unwinding.

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