Choosing the right storage service in Minnesota can be tricky sometimes. It’s not something you usually think about until you have to. We here at RJ Moving offer storage services. Minnesota residents (new and old!) can take advantage of our storage facility, and we have a few tips to make finding a good storage service a bit easier on you.

Selecting the best storage services in Minnesota for your needs starts with some brain-storming on your part. Think about how many items you need to store. Remember that your items can be stacked in the storage space, and if your storage services don’t already provide them, consider buying shelves. There are inexpensive plastic ones that are easily popped together, so your items can be stacked floor to ceiling as well as on the floor.

Once you figure that out, start shopping around for the best storage services in your area of Minnesota. Get several different price quotes before deciding on which one you want to use. Make sure the storage facility is climate-controlled and secure, like the ones at RJ Moving. See if the storage services have cameras throughout the building. And try not to pick a storage unit that’s near the elevator. Some places in Minnesota will charge more for these units! Check out the actual storage services building too. Will you need to use an elevator to get your belongings in and out? Or is the building all one level? Does it have a reception desk, or are people able to come and go as they please?

But if you’re moving in Minnesota and need storage services you definitely can trust, call RJ Moving and talk to one of our knowledgeable staff members about our storage services. Call (612) 284-2028 or contact us online and request a free quote.