When you’re moving in Minnesota and hiring professional movers, creating and sticking to a moving budget can be a big pain! But, in the end, it’s worth it when you know exactly how much you can spend so there are no surprises. RJ Moving has a few tips to help with your moving budget, so when your professional movers come to your Minnesota home, you are ready and good to go.

First of all, figure out what it will cost you to move out of your home, as in, factor in any final utility bills, any repairs you have to make to your former home and any fees you might be charged if you’re terminating a lease early. Look over your moving estimate from your Minnesota professional movers company, RJ Moving, and make sure you understand every charge and what professional movers services we will provide.

Then, look over your Minnesota house and start estimating how many boxes you will need, plus how much packing tape and other packing materials you think you will be using. It is always better to overestimate than underestimate. You don’t want to be packing your items the day before you move only to find out you are short on moving boxes or tape, just as your professional movers are showing up! (But don’t worry – RJ Moving can help with all of your packing needs too!)

Start budgeting for gas for the trips you will be taking to and from your new home. Is your new Minnesota home right down the street or across the state? Set aside some spending money for meals on-the-go and for any last-minute supplies you might need. For example, if you cut a finger, you might need to run to the store to get band-aids and Neosporin.

Also, when looking over your final utility bills at your former Minnesota home, call your new utility companies and ask them how much they will charge you to turn on your new utilities. Some Minnesota companies will do this for free, while others will have to send trained technicians to your new home to get the utilities turned on. You can also set an appointment time during this call. Keep track of every appointment on a small calendar so you don’t get your dates and times confused!

And for all of your professional movers needs in Minnesota, don’t hesitate to call RJ Moving at (612) 384-2028, or you can contact us online and request a free quote. We can help with any professional movers services you might need!