When you’re in the process of moving in Minnetonka, you might think you have everything under control. Your professional mover company, RJ Moving, is all lined up and scheduled to come to your house at a set time and date. You only have a few things left to pack before the professional mover company arrives. You have keys to the front door of your new Minnetonka home. We already covered a few last-minute moving details in another blog we posted. Here are a few more things to consider before your professional mover company gets to your house.

Does your new Minnetonka home have a driveway? If not, have you considered the logistics of having a professional mover van parked in the street? Go to your new home and check out how much space is on the street, and be sure there is enough room for your neighbors to get by. And make sure walkways are clear of debris so your professional mover company can easily unload your items.

Take some time to visit with your old Minnetonka neighbors and get anything you let them borrow throughout the years. You don’t want your professional mover company to get you moved into your new Minnetonka home only for you to remember you let Mr. Jones down the street borrow your hammer a few months ago! Right when you really need it too! Also, visiting with your former neighbors gives you a chance to say goodbye and return any items of theirs you may have borrowed through the years.

Did you remember to call your Minnetonka electric company and get the lights turned on at your new house? What about the water company? It is recommended that you get your utilities turned on at least three days before your professional mover company comes to move you into your new house. Don’t forget to let the utilities know you’re moving so you’re not stuck with someone else’s bill!

When you’re ready to hire a professional mover company for your Minnetonka move, call RJ Moving at (612) 384-2028 or contact us online for a free quote. We proudly serve Minnetonka and the surrounding areas, and we offer professional mover services and more.