We can’t stress enough the importance of good communication between you and our team of movers. You can help us help you by providing clear communication throughout the entire moving process. From the first phone call to the day we move your belongings, good communication will help your move go smoothly. If you’re ready to communicate with some Minneapolis professional movers, you’ve come to the right place. In this blog, we’re going to cover some crucial communication we’re going to require.

Initial Communication

During your initial conversation with us, it will be important to hammer out a couple details. When you give us a call, make sure you have enough time to chat. We’ll need to discuss some of the particulars associated with your move. Every move is different and has different requirements, so we want to make sure we have everything in place.

Items with Special Requirements

We understand that there are some items that will need to be handled with extra care. It will need to be communicated which items are fragile. Also, if you have electronics, musical instruments, antiques or other items that need special attention, be sure to let us know. Labeling items can be helpful, but you can also tell us on the day of your move.

The Home You’re Moving To

If there are any special considerations at the home you’re moving to, you’ll want to communicate those to your movers. Make sure they know where they need to park and how to best access the building. If you’re moving to a townhome or a row home, inform your movers which home you’re in to make sure the process is seamless. Once we’ve found the home, we’ll need you to further communicate how you want things arranged.

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