Are you moving in a few weeks? You have fallen in love with your new home and you have your Minneapolis movers booked, now all you have to do is start the packing process. Though moving day may seem so far away, there are some things you should start thinking about now. By beginning preparations a substantial amount of time in advance, you have a better chance of getting it all done. Don’t wait until the last minute and stress about what’s going where. Here are four things you should start thinking about now:

1. Food: Food is tricky because if you’re not careful, it can spoil. Be sure to eat up all food that could potential cause a problem. Plan to defrost your fridge the day before you move. It will be important to have a clean, dry fridge on moving day.

2. Cable/ Internet: Be sure to arrange to have your cable and Internet transferred to your new home. This is one thing that tends to slip through the cracks. While a couple days without Internet aren’t the end of the world, it sure is inconvenient.

3. Disassemble: Disassemble anything that needs to be disassembled. When your Minneapolis movers show up, they will be ready to get started right away. By having things disassembled and packed, you can ensure a timelier move.

4. Manage Fragile Items: Start collecting anything fragile and make sure you pack them separately in boxes labeled “fragile.” By taking extra considerations ahead of time to have them packed away, you’ll avoid them getting broken in the shuffle.

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