There are many, many professional Twin Cities movers out there. But, how can you tell which ones are the best?

The RJ Moving team has been giving this some thought as of late, and we’ve decided the term “mover” should describe a professional who is …


When it comes to your belongings, there needs to be great attention to detail. After all, the last thing you want to happen is to have your tools packed in the same box with your breakables.

The best movers keep their eyes on all the details, making sure everything goes according to plan and professional standards. As a professional mover, they should be well acquainted with how the process is supposed to work. And they should know that it will only work as well as the effort they put into keeping an eye on the details.


You would not want to have movers come into your home and scramble about, packing and moving boxes out as they find them. There needs to be a system in place.

An orderly move means there is a plan toward successful, timely completion. When clients work with us, they know we’ll have a plan in place in order to get their items to their new location. It won’t be just a haphazard approach where we go from random area to random area, not sure about what goes where.


Anything can happen on moving day. Maybe an item was unaccounted for in the original plan, or other changes have happened that can impact the process.

However, your movers should be versatile enough to be able to respond to last-minute emergencies and unforeseen circumstances. They should have enough experience to be able to effectively respond to issues, so the job gets done.

If not, then things like this can happen, and no one wants that.


We know that moving can be a stressful experience for you. You have enough to coordinate and handle without having to deal with movers who just want to get the job done and collect their check.

That’s why our movers are easy-going. The last thing we want to happen is to cause you any more stress, so we’ll be friendly and professional throughout the whole process.


Unless you’ve moved many, many times, you may not be aware of how the moving process is supposed to go. You probably have questions about how a great move should work, and so we’ll do our very best to be responsive to your questions. You’re a customer and have trusted us to move your belongings. You deserve to be listened to.

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