At RJ Moving, we have been serving the Twin Cities for over 15 years and we have assisted with a lot of moves! If we’ve observed anything, it’s that you have to put some time into preparing for a move. If you’re looking for Twin Cities professional movers, we are ready to help. Here are five tips to get you ready for the big day!

1. Get organized!

Organize your boxes in a way that will help you out the most. You could separate them by room or by the type of items contained in the boxes. Take an inventory of what’s inside the boxes, so unpacking will be easier.

2. Be Present.

It’s important to be there when we pick up your things and drop them off. The more input we get from you, the better of a service we can provide.

3. Work together.

The adults involved in the move need to have a game plan and be willing to work together. Also, working with us on the day of the move will result in the smoothest transition into your new home.

4. Double Check.

Better safe than sorry! Perform a double check to ensure you have all your possessions out of the building, including important documents about your move. When you are leaving your current residence or location, you’ll need to remember to close all the windows and turn off all the lights.

5. Be prepared!

Don’t get so caught up in packing up your current residence that you forget to arrange things on the other end. Make sure you have parking reserved close to the entrance of your new residence on move-in day. Also, if you have a basic plan prepared for where you want things to go, it will be easier for us to assist you with placing items in the proper room.

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