When it’s time to sell your home, you’ll want to make it as presentable as possible. That doesn’t always cost a lot of money, nor is it necessarily all that difficult. Here are some easy home fixes that will have your home selling in no time flat.

  • Clean your kitchen and bathroom – The two rooms that can make or break a sale are the kitchen and bathroom. Wash your dishes, clean soap dishes, and make sure you have fresh towels that don’t smell bad. Oh, and clean the mirrors
  • Clean carpets and wood floors – Home buyers look at the floors first. Run a mop over your wood floors just before they arrive to look, about an hour before. And steam clean the carpets.
  • Create extra storage space in the closets – Entry closets make good first impressions. People also appreciate a little extra pantry storage in the kitchen and a place for linens that will only be used once in a while, like when guests are staying overnight.
  • Change out door knobs and cabinet handles – This doesn’t cost much and home buyers will appreciate it, especially in the kitchen and common areas.
  • Improve the lighting – Make your rooms lighter and larger by using warm colors and 60-watt light bulbs. Energy-efficient light bulbs can often be dimmer. Take them out just for showing then you can put them back in when the potential home buyers leave.
  • Remove outdated wallpaper – Simply remove old wallpaper that looks dated and paint the walls.
  • Landscape the yard – This goes beyond curb appeal. Good landscaping can actually add value to a home. Make sure you mow, remove crab grass, take out dead plants, and cut off dead tree limbs. You can also take it a step further and add some color to the landscape by planting annuals and perennials in key locations.
  • Add power outlets with USB ports – These days, almost every electronic device uses a USB port. People need to power their MP3s, tablets, smartphones, and more. These don’t cost much, but they add tremendous value to a home, especially for young tech-savvy home buyers.
  • Update your wiring for the Internet age – People today love flat screen TVs that connect to the Internet. Instead of running Cat-5 wiring all over the house, find an accessible location for a wireless router.

Spend some time making sure your house is clean for your guests. By making it clean and presentable – it’s more likely to sell so you can move to your new home.

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