So you’ve moved into your new place and are ready to make it feel more like “home.” Where should you begin? Here are four simple yet tried-and-true rituals guaranteed to make your new place feel like home the moment you start on them.

  1. Hang the Curtains – Nothing spells home like your favorite curtains. You can open them up and let the sun shine in or close them for a little privacy. Either way, hang curtains over your windows and you automatically create a little atmosphere.
  2. Light some candles – Candles are aromatic. Choose your favorite flavor and light them up. The smell of a burning candle will fill the air and make you feel like you have lived in your new home forever.
  3. Give your pet a place to lay his or her head – Pets have a special way of making us feel comfortable, especially in our own homes. You have to remember, it’s their home too. So make a special place for your pet. Give them a spot for their bed, food and water bowls. You might even add a toy or two. If your pet feels at home, then they will make you feel at home too.
  4. Invite guests over – Entertaining guests is the perfect way to give your home a special lived-in feel. It doesn’t have to be much either. Just invite three or four of your closest friends, cook up a little something in the kitchen to get everyone relaxed, then make your way into the living room to watch a movie. Add a little popcorn and it will really feel like home. Alternatively, have friends over to play cards or for game night.

What other ways can you think of to make your new home feel like you’ve lived there for a while? The idea is to add some things that will create an environment to make you feel at ease. Curtains, candles, friends, and pets are the a few of the best ways to add atmosphere to an empty home.