Packing clothes for a move can be quite a chore. How do you get them from your current home to your new home intact and wrinkle free? If your tendency is to shove your clothes into a laundry bag and hope for the best, then you’ll be happy to know there’s a better way.

How to Prevent Damage and Wrinkles to Your Clothes While Moving

For your hanging clothes, be sure to use a wardrobe box. These are handy boxes with a rod running through it in the same manner as your closet. You can put your hanging clothes inside the box and keep them free of wrinkles during your move. The front of the box opens, much like a closet door, to allow you to easily hang your clothes and keep them from developing wrinkles. You can also fill sturdy shopping bags with extras like belts, pocketbooks, etc. and stash them in the bottom of the wardrobe.

Multicolored Clothes In A Wardrobe Box For Easy Moving

Lightweight clothing like lingerie, sweaters, underwear and socks can be left in dresser drawers during your move as long as it is a study-wood dresser. T-shirts can be packed into a box together, but before you wear them again you may want to wash and dry them to get the wrinkles out. For jeans, denim and other types of pants that you don’t want to hang, place them into a suitcase and transport them that way. You can do the same with bath and kitchen towels or store them in a box for the move.

Your shoes should also be placed in their original boxes if you still have them. Wrap each shoe individually with paper and then wrap them again pairs. You’ll want to cushion them so that they don’t scuff each other and damage the heels and material, especially leather. Shoeboxes need to placed into a larger box for moving ease and keeping shoeboxes secure.

Pack jewelry separately and move expensive or sentimental pieces yourself. You do not want to lose accessories in your clothing or risk snagging or tearing your clothes.

Leathers and furs should be handled with care. If you have suede, leather, or fur jackets and coats, you might want to take them with you in your car rather than allowing them to be transported in moving trucks.  Since they are expensive and sensitive items, you’ll want to keep them protected.

If you have hats, store them in hat boxes. This will keep them safe during your move, and once you’ve placed them in their boxes, you can then put them into a large box or carton for extra protection. For transporting multiple hats together, place some crumpled paper into the crown of each hat. Stack them with the largest and heaviest hats at the bottom.

Do not use your clothes as padding for breakable or fragile items. Not only is it bad for your clothing, but it will not ensure that your items do not get damaged during the move. If you have additional questions on how to prepare your clothing for your move, ask your Minneapolis residential moving company.