Summer in Minnesota can seem like the perfect time for a move, so Saint Paul, MN moving companies do a lot of business this time of year. Because summer is so busy for movers – there is much advice they can share:

  • Plan a move in the middle of the month if possible most people are trying to move in the beginning or end of the month and demand for equipment, etc. is high.
  • Plan a move midweek if you can weekends are always busiest for movers.
  • Schedule your professional Minneapolis movers early dates fill up fast during this peak moving season.
  • Make sure you understand your moving contracts do you need to make a deposit to guarantee your moving date? What happens if you need to change something? Are there discounts for booking early?
  • Stay hydrated be sure that you drink enough and remember to provide plenty of water for thirsty workers.
  • Dress appropriately good shoes, light clothing, and sunscreen keeps everyone safer in the sun.
  • Turn on the AC yes, the door is open for moving but it’s incentive to get it all inside into the cooler apartment or house and better for unpacking those boxes when you are done with the move.
  • Plan your food transfer if your move is local, like from Saint Paul to Minneapolis, a cooler in your car for the frozen and refrigerated goods could work fine to move them into the new appliances. Moving the freezer itself means you have to think about keeping the contents frozen or donating that food to someone who can use it. Most perishable food doesn’t move well and your professional mover might not cover the transfer.

Summer is the busiest moving season of the year. Minneapolis residential moving companies will be working full speed to keep up with the demand as leases end, home sales flourish and families take advantage of time off school to move to a new place.

As soon as you know you will be moving in the summer, call your movers and make arrangements for your move to ensure your reservation in their busy schedule.