Professional movers in Saint Paul are always asked is it possible to move garden features, potted plants, or other outdoor accessories. The answer is – “it depends.”

Make Sure It Is Legal

If you are selling your property or have improved a rental by putting in a water feature or some nice container gardening, make sure that what you want to take with you is clearly stated in your contract. Some things are obvious to you (that waterfall can be unplugged & moved) but might not be to the new owners.

Many professionals know they will be moving soon and plan their garden for a viable transition to the next home. Some even successfully move small trees that were in the ground in a plastic pot, ready to be transferred. Since most of us assume a tree will stay put, things like this clearly must be identified.

Other outdoor furnishings that may need to be identified in your contract are screens, sculptures, mobile fire pits, and furniture.

Makes Sure It Is Viable

If you are selling your home in Minneapolis & Saint Paul and moving to Maple Grove, the climate will of course be similar and transplants will do fine.

There are ways to plant your garden so that it can move with you. All you have to do is think through what it will take to move that feature:

  • Pots need to be large enough to sustain the full-grown plant
  • Pots need to fit through the door without damage to plant or property
  • Pots need to have a good watering system & drainage
  • Pots need to be filled with high-quality potting soil appropriate to the plant

The traditional hanging basket is easy to unhook and move, but there are other mobile garden containers that make up living “green walls” and take a bit more prep work. These live walls are great for screening an unsightly view.

In addition, those non-growing garden features like laser-cut screens, furniture, water features, sculptures, etc. can be brought to the new place and make your yard or patio instantly homelike.