The kitchen in your new home can be a wonderful thing when it’s clean and ready to go. Saint Paul residential moving companies will often bring all kitchen boxes into a space that isn’t ready to use right away which can lead to some disruption in meal preparation.

Trying to cook while finishing up your kitchen is one reason many folks are never able to get their new space to match its expected potential. Some things are better to accomplish before you start making that first meal – so try and get them done before you get cooking.

1.  Make sure all the appliances and outlets work. If they don’t, get them fixed now. If there isn’t sufficient task lighting for your work areas, install some under-cabinet lighting as well.

2.  If painting is on the list – get it done. It’s so much easier to paint a room, particularly a kitchen, if nothing is the way. Hiring a professional painter to do the job is a good investment because they will get it done quickly. Make sure the paint is completely cured before putting anything in those beautiful cupboards.

3.  Deep clean everything inside and out. Like painting, this is an easier task when you don’t have to work around your stuff. The process of deep cleaning your new kitchen will get you acquainted with the details of the space and give you ideas for setting up your new kitchen. Don’t forget to move the refrigerator to clean underneath and behind it – and don’t forget to clean the coils too. Clean refrigerator coils will work more efficiently and by using less electricity you will likely lower your electric bills.

4.  Plan work zones and figure out where everything will go. Put post-it notes where you want your dishes and cookware. If you plan to do a lot of baking for instance, create a baking center. Make it easy to unpack, and logical to use when the meal preparation begins.

5.  Measure for organizational helpers. With the drawers and cupboards empty, you know where your work zones and supplies are wanted – so now is the time to get the dividers, hooks, shelving, etc. in place. Make sure to measure so you purchase the right items for your space.

A new kitchen that has been prepared for action is easy for movers to bring everything into. Boxes can be unpacked, cupboards and drawers can be filled and soon the cook can enjoy preparing that first meal in your new home.