Stairs don’t seem to be much of a challenge if you are healthy enough to go up and down without a problem. But residential movers in Saint Paul see the problems that you can encounter with stairs every day. When trying to go up and down those stairs with large or bulky items, things can get tricky.

During a move that involves stairs, walls can be damaged as furniture and boxes bang into them. Plaster gets chipped, drywall gets holes in it, and paneling can be deeply scratched. Upholstery is torn, wood is scraped, and glass is broken. The scars on that furniture and the walls are a testament to the challenge of stairs.

Why Are Stairs So Tricky?

A straight flight of steps from a large space into a large space still has the challenge of gravity as you move something like a couch or box spring upstairs. Things that are heavier just feel heavier when you carry them uphill.

The reality is that most homes are not designed with large spaces at the top and bottom of the steps and that couch or box spring won’t bend around a corner to get into a room. Common complications include:

  • hallways that are narrow
  • rooms that require turning a corner
  • doors at top and bottom get in the way
  • many Plymouth & Maple Grove stairways have landings and turns
  • older homes may have narrow steps, steeper angles and shake as you climb

Navigating challenging stairways with large, heavy boxes is difficult. But when the item is a bulky and oddly-shaped antique, it is easy to break something valuable. The damage caused to corners of the wall is easier to repair than the damage caused to an heirloom.

Time To Call The Pros

Professional moving companies in Saint Paul will have the equipment and training to get heavy, bulky, or breakable items up and down those challenging stairs. More importantly, they have the experience to know what can be moved this way and what will require other methods.

Many times the expense of hiring a professional to move your belongings up and down the stairs is far less than the consequences of getting some friends to help you move and trying to repair the damage caused by someone who didn’t realize they couldn’t bend your new couch around the corners of that beautiful wooden staircase without breaking something.