Did you know that you can donate non-perishable food items to the local food bank instead of tossing them in the garbage? You don’t even need to haul them to the food bank yourself. Here’s how it works:

  • Set aside unopened, non-perishable food items like cans, bottles, and bags
  • Place them in a spot out of your way — no need to pack them up
  • Call your local food bank to see if they offer pickup
  • Arrange for pickup
  • These volunteers will come, pack up your food items, and take them to a local food bank
  • The food bank sorts and distributes your donation to the community

Why Donating Your Food Is a Good Idea

Moving is a stressful process, even if you have hired one of the best Saint Paul residential movers. Canned food is heavy, bottles are breakable, bags of noodles can get crushed — why not donate it as a farewell gift to your old home and start fresh in the new?

Local families from your old neighborhood rely on the food banks to provide meals that might not happen without help. Hunger is not something that you can identify by looking at someone’s possessions. Many families who look affluent are struggling to feed their kids because of a layoff or financial emergency.

There may even be a possibility of your donated items being eligible for a write-off on your taxes, so ask for a receipt and keep track of your paperwork during the move.

Why Professional Movers Think Donating Food Is a Good Idea

Relocation companies across the country see first-hand how much food is wasted when people move. The cost of packing glass bottles of unopened vinegar and syrup is more than buying it again in the new location. People don’t want to pay for the expense of moving a bunch of canned goods so they throw it away.

Seeing this waste over and over again is disheartening for movers when they know there’s a way to get unused food to the local food bank so it can be shared with a family in need of regular meals. So why not donate what you can – it’s a great way to contribute to your community.