Packing Supplies to Make Your Move Easier

What kind of supplies do you need to pack your items for a move? Whether you are moving a home or an office you’ll need certain materials to make that move go more smoothly. Here’s a short list of items you may want to have on hand for your next move:

  • Packing Paper – Bubble wrap may be fine for wrapping some items but it is very expensive and isn’t so great for inserting into things like glasses and bowls. Packing paper is better suited for that task since you can crumple it up and stuff it inside. It prevents the glass from shattering upon contact with other items. Also use it to pack between items. RJ Moving encourages packing paper over bubble wrap as it is more environmentally friendly and will save you money too.

Cardboard Box And Packaging

  • Boxes – Boxes – you can’t move without them! Collect more than you think you may need in various sizes.
  • Packing Tape – You’ll need something to secure your boxes with.
  • Packing Labeling – Use a marker to label boxes to avoid a label coming off during the handling of your boxes – especially in cold climates. Keep your move organized – use a system. Write which room where each box goes into on their final destination and list the items of the box. That way, when you get to where you’re going, you aren’t looking for what you need.
  • Stretch Wrap – Large items won’t wrap well with packing paper or bubble wrap. RJ Moving will provide shrink wrap for necessary items.
  • Hand truck – Also known as a dolly, or “two-wheeler.” It’s a great tool to have around for moving large items that you can’t carry. This includes book shelves, appliances, and even multiple or large oblong boxes. RJ Moving trucks are fully equipped to move your goods for you.
  • Blankets – Blankets make nice cushions to shove between furniture and other large items in your moving truck so they don’t bang up against each other and get scratched. RJ Moving trucks are fully equipped including industry moving pads to move your goods for you.
  • Tie Downs – Secure your items on the moving truck with tie downs. If things can’t move, they can’t bang against each other. Even if you use tie downs, however, you should still use blankets and stretch wrap. It never hurts to be safe rather than sorry. RJ Moving trucks are fully equipped to move your goods for you.
  • Furniture Sliders – You’ll inevitably have to slide heavy furniture across a floor. Furniture sliders will make that easier. Hire RJ Moving – we do the lifting and carrying of your furniture!

Don’t try to make your move without the proper moving supplies and moving tools. Start collecting these items a couple of weeks before your move so you’ll be prepared. Hire RJ Moving to save you, your family and friends from the hard work of moving with our well-equipped truck and professionally trained crews.