You’ve planned your move to your new home with strategic precision. Boxes are packed and labeled. You’ve de-cluttered, and you know where everything is going to go in your new home.

All that’s left is to pile your clothing in your car and take it with you when you go – right? While many of our Minneapolis residential moving customers tell us that this is their plan, we often suggest a better strategy. Those clothes don’t look too heavy hanging in your closet. Several trips later and a big messy pile of clothes in the back of your car later – and you’ll be wishing you’d taken these suggestions:

1.  Discard Unused and Unwanted Items – A good rule of thumb is – if you haven’t worn it in a year – get rid of it. There are many non-profits that accept donations of used clothing, and you can take a tax deduction for doing a good deed while making your move easier.

2.  Make Use of Wardrobe Moving Boxes – Instead of having your clothing in a big pile, or stuffed into a box, using wardrobe moving boxes allows you to hang your clothing and move it virtually wrinkle-free.

Wardrobe Box For Easy Moving

3.  Pack an Overnight Bag – Rather than feeling stressed once you arrive at your new home, having an overnight bag with a change of clothes and all of your essentials, medications, toiletries, etc. means you’ll be able to freshen up while you’re unpacking.