When you hire a moving company in Plymouth, that’s one of the most important steps in any moving process. Another important step is making sure all of your fragile items are securely packed. RJ Moving, a trusted moving company, has a few tips on how to make sure all of your items get to your new house in one piece.

Fill any hollow items, like vases, with Styrofoam peanuts. Then roll it up in bubble wrap. Plates should be packed individually. Never stack plates on top of one another and then pack them! If you stack them, there is a chance that if one plate breaks, the others will too. Plates should also be packed vertically. Use small or medium boxes. That way, the boxes won’t be overly heavy and your moving company will have an easier time moving them from one location to another.

Glasses should also be individually wrapped. Wrap them in packing paper and crumble up some paper to stuff inside of them too. Make sure to layer paper in any empty spaces in the box too. This will also make things easier on your moving company.

Any pictures and frames you want to pack up should also be packed in small to medium boxes. Wrap each frame in packing paper, and stuff the boxes with extra paper as well. For larger pictures and frames, wrap a moving blanket around them and then wrap plastic wrap around the blanket. Be sure to let the moving company know what’s in there so they know to take extra special care of it.

For any items that are an unusual shape, wrap them in bubble wrap, then make sure to tape the loose ends of the bubble wrap. Then wrap it securely in some pliable cardboard. Again, tell your moving company what is in there and make sure they know to take extra care with that item.

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