If you’re relocating a business with many employees, moving day can be hectic. There’s no doubt that when you have to organize and coordinate teams of people, things can go wrong. You can greatly reduce the stress of moving by hiring professional movers. Maple Grove business owners can be at ease on the day of the big move with a team of professionals on their side.

Keep Walkways Clear

It may seem logical to get boxes out of offices and into the hallway, to be accessed easier by the team of movers that have been hired. We advise you to instead keep walkways clear. We have a very particular way of systematically packing your possessions into our moving vehicles. Objects in hallways, entryways, stairwells and other walkways can hinder the packing process. Allow us to determine what order boxes are placed out to be picked up.

Take Care of Your Employees

You take care of your employees, we’ll take care of your belongings. All of them should have a directive to help the moving process go smoothly. If you have non-essential employees, it may be wise to give them the day off. Sometimes too many people can cause more confusion. Have a meeting with everyone before the moving date to coordinate efforts and make sure everyone knows what they’re supposed to be doing.

Label, Label, Label

Make sure everything is labeled. Every box, every set of keys, everything! You’ll thank yourself later if you are diligent with labeling. Everything will make its way to its proper place if it’s labeled correctly. It will make distributing items to their proper place, and to the proper people easier. We want things to be simple for you, even after we leave.

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