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Since we’re a moving company, we took a couple of minutes poking around the Internet to find out why people love to move here. As Minnesota natives, we know why it’s awesome here, but we found some confirmation. We thought you might enjoy our findings. And hey, who knows? Maybe one day you’ll end up moving to one of these towns.

Best Small Towns

On CNN Money’s Best Places to Live 2012: America’s Best Small Cities, Minnesota has four cities in the Top 25. That’s more than any other state! But, we could have told you that Minnesota rocks; we didn’t need a Top 100 list. However, it sure does help! Our small cities have the quintessential “Minnesota nice” vibe in a natural setting. Nature is plentiful and lakes are abundant. There’s a strong sense of community between families and almost everyone gets along. Our small cities are a nice alternative to the hustle and bustle of the big city. But, if hustle and bustle are more your style …

Large Cities

Our state was spotted again on Bloomberg Businessweeks’s America’s 50 Best Cities list. We didn’t do too shabby with St Paul coming in at number 10 and Minneapolis at number 12. That’s ahead of Honolulu, Chicago and Baltimore! Our famous Twin Cities boast a modern feel, with Victorian architecture. There are plenty of museums, restaurants, colleges and professional sports teams to keep you occupied. The Twin Cities have a special place in our hearts.

But, the bottom line is, no matter where you’re moving within Minnesota, there’s sure to be beauty abound. We wouldn’t choose anywhere else to live. Let us know why you love living in Minnesota by posting on our Facebook Wall or sending us a Tweet!

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